Author: Hannah Shakir

Peter Sellers – Behind the Camera. The Photography of a 60s Icon

Peter Sellers – Behind The Camera showcases the photographic work carried out by one of the world’s greatest comedy actors....

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‘The denseness of the work creates a mystery’ Russell Miller’s Dark Art

After his exhibition at Studio 73 in London, we catch up with the dark and macabre comic artist, Russell Miller ...

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A mixture of figuration and abstraction. Interview [Bernie Clarkson]

'It was such a surprise to win the trip and exactly the sort of prize I would have chosen for myself'...

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Nick Lord : Realising The Truth [Interview]

When I first started to draw, I was massively influenced by the expressionists. Egon Schiele in particular. From them I learned the importance of breaking away from tradition...

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Caroline Piteira [Interview]

'almost everyone only ever encounters the 'cover' when meeting others, whereas I want to go behind everyone's mask and see who everyone really is'...

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Takahito Irie : Interview

I like the Sci-fi stuff. We always harbour desire and imagination for future life, and humans are making it real....

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Hormazd Narielwalla

Hormazd Narielwalla’s work is a celebration of both ancient tailoring techniques, collage and the human form. ...

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Darren MacPherson : Interview

It’s never about the figure, always about the painting. I know some people will view it as erotica but I can’t control that.......

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