Author: Amy Booth

Whip Crack or Bad Craic? (The Bones)

a smart, catchy sixth album, but rock and roll kinksters The Bones lack the originality to stand out...

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Easy on the whiskey now! Cockadoodledon’t (Vinyl re-release)

Listening to Th' Legendary Shack Shakers feels like swillin' liquor in a Kentucky barn which, if you're very lucky, you aren't sharing with the hogs....

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Secret Trade Courts: are the scales TTIPing?

Tobacco companies could get litigious if a country passes laws to help people quit smoking. Agrochemicals companies could throw the book at governments that block chemicals they consider dangerous....

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Goblinballs, Golden Gods, Gowns.

The crowd are jubilant, golden-faced and shiny-eyed, there to dance until they can dance no longer....

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If Blastbeats could Kill : [Throes]

Throes have crafted this album with meticulous attention to texture, a welcome relief in a genre that can make the error of equating creativity with technical wizardry. ...

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Death Metal is a Serious Business [Dawn of Azazel]

The relentless hammering and visceral roars will keep their core audience happy – but it leaves you wondering what they'd come up with if they let go of their single-minded obsession with brutality...

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Riffs thick enough to float a ship [Rongeur]

Rongeur's sparse instrumentation gives the music room to breathe...

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A folksy bagpipe-led interlude unexpectedly sweeps in [Skyforger]

Their use of a jaw harp is perhaps unique in metal....

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System of a Down Rage Against Armenian Genocide

So all-encompassing was this attempt to exterminate a nation that the term “genocide” was invented...

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