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Destilacija [RMZ-24] Video Premiere

Destilacija RMZ-24 by Sz. Berlin ± Panic Premiere...

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EXCLUSIVE: Amon Tobin Premieres New Video

Exclusive video premiere by Amon Tobin...

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Photography, Light and After Love

An interview with The Heat Inc.'s Jon Dodd about the power of photography and the eternal light of Rock & Roll. ...

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No Transformation – Tony Oursler & Hennessey Video Exclusive

The raw quality of the video matches the stripped emotional tone of Leah's voice which in turn laser-points the lyrics directly at the desperate ennui of 2020. ...

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We Will Not Be Lovers – Hennessey

Dark Electro-pop with a epic vocal turn. In 2020 it appears electroclash has been given a shot in the arm. Hennessey - We Will Not Be Lovers. Video Exclusive....

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Lauren Spiteri – Pretty

"Lust can often be a greater, more damaging force than love" Scottish singer-songwriter Lauren Spiteri ‘Pretty’ Video Exclusive ...

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Apollo Junction – In Your Arms [Video Exclusive]

Dark pop with nods to New Order and Kurt Weill - Apollo Junction In Your Arms...

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