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Six compilation albums wasn’t enough – Nightwish

Finland's Symphonic Metal pioneers Nightwish dig through the archives to present yet another compilation of their work....

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Psychological Cravings and Heavy Beasts: Igorrr Live London.

French breakcore rocks the capital and we fall in love with Laure...

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Loitered Lens: Tarja

Structured cheekbones and sharp imagery from the symphonic grandeur of Tarja at Koko...

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Tarja: The Shadow Queen Rocks KOKO

Baroque opulence and searing soprano vocals prove a perfect match at Koko...

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The Mystery of Roll: The Great Momentum (Edenbridge)

Lots of momentum, sure. But will the wheels fall off Edenbridge?...

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Taste, restraint and Donna Summer. The goth-metal way. (Aghast Afterglow)

Classically trained female vocals, Donna Summer covers and guitar shred which sounds like 'Yngwie Malmsteen with a sense of taste and restraint'. Aghast Afterglow's debut album has to be good....

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