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Power Up! Radical Community in the Sustainable Service of Art. 

Sustainability as an institutional force. A review of the Burn Out Symposium, July 2023, Luckenwalde, Germany. ...

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No Plastic – Folking Fantastic

Returning this year with an ‘Outstanding’ A Greener Festival Award, Cambridge Folk Festival today furthers its sustainability commitment and announces the ban on single use plastics. ...

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Grass Roots and Green Shoots: At Jeremy Corbyn’s Allotment

What's mostly green but red all over? ...

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Better Ways to Harness Wind Power

It's a breeze: How to harness the power of the wind ...

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Pay the Fiddler. When Can We Have Sustainable Music?

Perhaps we need a sea change in culture, where art and artists come to be valued once again. ...

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Can Music Ever Be Sustainable?

Pop music can create not just idols, but shaman-like figures who help us negotiate our way through life and death. How do we keep it coming?...

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Towards a Sustainable Music

Making a living is just one aspect of the sustainable music industry that isn't happening...

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Oceans of Lucre: Towards a Lasting ‘Blue Economy’

Marine ecologist offers suggestions for achieving a strong, lasting 'blue economy' ...

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Global Sustainability : Futile Surface-Scratching or Hope for the Future?

Global sustainability projects offer hope for the future ...

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