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We’re Not In Kansas Any More, Toto

Sleep is known to allow animals to re-energise and consolidate memories. Now, scientists have identified a pair of genes that regulate how much REM and non-REM sleep an animal experiences. ...

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The Science of Sleep

Einstein's theory of relativity voted greatest idea ever inspired by sleep....

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Anxiety, Depression, Sleep: A Lethal Cocktail if the Proportions are Wrong

People who sleep less than 8 hours a night more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety ...

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Deep Sleep, Deep Effects: The Dangers of Insufficient Sleep

Studying sleep's profound and extensive effects on brain function ...

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Meh…Zzz. Why Do We Fall Asleep When We’re Bored?

Explaining our inescapable desire to sleep in boring situations...

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Is Anxiety Stopping You Sleeping? Are You Sure? Really? Really?

The secret connection between anxiety and sleep ...

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Energy Drinks? Screentime? What’s Keeping young Adults Awake at Night?

Loneliness in young adults linked to poor sleep quality ...

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Did You Sleep Well? Sure? Try the Checklist

What is good quality sleep? National Sleep Foundation provides guidance ...

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Synchronous Oscillations: Are You Actually Awake?

Portions of the brain fall asleep and wake back up all the time...

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Eat Your Way to Better Sleep

Diet-based recommendations might be used to improve sleep in those with poor sleep quality...

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The Awesome Life-Hack that Will Improve Your Memory

How reward and daytime sleep boost learning ...

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Sleep Tight, Make Memories Bright

The beneficial impact of sleep on memory is well established, and the act of sleeping is known to help us remember the things that we did, or heard, the previous day...

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The Neural Pathway to Deep Sleep : Discovered

Scientists identify a calcium channel essential for deep sleep ...

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Too scared to sleep? Nightmares and insomnia – the link

Depression and insomnia are strongest risk factors for frequent nightmares ...

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