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Inside Out, the Pop Power of Siena Barnes?

An interview with pop artist Siena Barnes...

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Sour-Puss and their ‘Strange Journey’

Diogo Duarte and Jessica Mitchell give us an insight into misanthropy and sexuality as they bring Sour- Puss: The Opera to the shelves....

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The Roots and Ramifications of Boundaries

Surrealist Lessons in Freedom of Speech. The Roots and Ramifications of Boundaries...

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Ambigrammatic – Part One [NSFW]

The photo is presented upside down and the eyes and mouth are flipped vertically - Alva Bernadine...

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Music For the Missus? The Pale (William Control)

Tortured delvings into the 80s synthpop palette for the first of a four EP collection...

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Something You Didn’t Know About the Lipstick Index

Cosmetic therapy: The link between makeup and a down economy ...

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All Wrong: the misguided adventures of an art world hero (Grayson Perry)

The roving potter lines up his newest quaint exhibits: the northern working classes...

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Born that Way? What Science Actually Knows about Sexual Orientation

Association for Psychological Science shares what scientists know -- and don't know -- about sexual orientation ...

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One Man Subculture. Alva Bernadine talks Forniphilia [NSFW]

Bringing a touch of Surrealism to the art of Fetish, photographer Alva Bernadine talks to Trebuchet...

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At it like rabbits? Kids, Vids and Sex

As the portrayal of women as objects of lust reflects patriarchal values, media images that support this type of male dominance may provoke resistance in female viewers....

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About Political Correctness

Political correctness is not actually about quelling ‘freedom of speech’ for the sake of defending others from offense....

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A Commonwealth Of Homophobia

42 of the 53 countries that make up the Commonwealth continue to criminalise homosexuality...

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