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Modern Day Mesmerism

Many people are familiar with ‘Hypnotism’ in it’s various forms such as Stage Hypnosis and Hypno-therapies, and its modern hyper-packaged cousin ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’....

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Nazi Meteorite Statue Discovery!

Ernst Schafer and his expedition of SS members must have believed they'd hit the quasi-spiritual cosmic jackpot when they discovered the Iron Man statue to the god Vaisravana in 1938. Particularly...

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Angry and Distracted Pt2

There exists one requisite trait needed to face evil: The knowledge of one's own capacity for embodying the trait. Inseparable, treachery and redemption arrive together. The human heart, capable of...

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Making a Cult of Yourself: Hubbard Vs Crowley [Conclusion]

The last years of Hubbard’s life saw him deposed as leader and reduced to a figurehead in a de facto coup, led by young scientologists who had actually been born into the cult. Their argument being...

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Hubbardites Vs Crowleyites Pt 3

If the current management of the Church of Scientology were not so keen to airbrush all aspects of its founder’s life and work we would have a much clearer idea of his motives for infiltrating...

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Hubbardites vs Crowleyites pt 2

Jack and Ron moved into territory well beyond any official OTO rituals documented at that time. Elementals were invoked then banished, Aethyrs were called, complicated texts were recited from memory,...

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Hubbardites Vs Crowleyites

a curious flower on the English cultural landscape; the Golden Dawn Society. Its celebrity members included William Butler Yeats, Bram Stoker, Algernon Blackwood, Sax Rohmer, Allan Bennet and the...

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DV8: Can We Talk About This? [Theatre/Dance]

'I'm an artist who's interested in real issues, not just pretty shapes' ...

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Spirituality? More than 20% of atheist scientists are.

Scientists think spirituality is congruent with scientific discovery, religion is not....

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