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Surviving Lockdown: On Community and Inclusivity

Part five of Surviving Lockdown talks creating strong community groups to help rebuild society post-pandemic, with anti-racism as an intrinsic part of a new future. ...

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Sadiq Khan to Review “The Diversity of London’s Public Landmarks”

Statues of slavers could be pulled down under the mayor’s new diversity plan, which will include historians as well as arts, council and community leaders. ...

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First Waves Marks 50 Years Since Race Relations Act

Westminster exhibition captures the stories of generations directly impacted by the Acts, who may have had little opportunity to have their voices heard in Westminster. ...

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Body Count Hit London – Locked And Loaded

 dropcap style=”font-size:100px; colour:#784468;”T/dropcaphe full might of pump action Cop Killers Body Count was about to be unleashed on London town and the night was gently lubed up...

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Interracial Tensions and Civil Unrest: Gook

Justin Chon’s sophomore feature packs a punch as a small-scale representation of what led to the 1992 Los Angeles riots....

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Being Blacker: Racism in Modern Britain

Molly Dineen's first documentary in 10 years is a portrait of the challenges of being black in modern Britain....

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SOTU 2018: Donald Trump Colonises America

Donald Trump's State of the Union speech last week revealed many things and (surprise) more than a few echoes of colonialism....

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Inside the White (Supremacy) House: Steve Bannon as Chief of Staff

The White House just became whiter with Donald Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon as Chief of Staff....

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Congressman John Lewis: You Can Sit, But What Do You Stand For?

A recent Washington sit-in by the Civil Rights veteran offers little but an entrenchment of the establishment...

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The Predictably Easy Method of Transporting Illegal Drugs

Black, Hispanic drivers stopped most often, white drivers most likely to have contraband ...

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On Killer Cops and Reverse Racism

Does one identify with and/or benefit from hyper-authoritarian power or does one empathize with the plight of the powerless?...

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