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Inside the White (Supremacy) House: Steve Bannon as Chief of Staff

The White House just became whiter with Donald Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as Chief of Staff.

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]A[/dropcap] fury of liberal outrage is extant regarding Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon, the Breitbart News Network’s executive chairman, as his Chief of Staff.

The umbrage results from Bannon being a White nationalist.

Excuse me, isn’t US imperialism the very definition of White nationalism? Do not the worldwide corpse mountains of dark skinned people (victims of US wars, proxy wars, and myriad and various military campaigns, both overt and covert) serve as a testament to the assumption? Moreover, isn’t the US police state, its White supremacist judicial system and profiteering prison industrial complex White Nationalist by design and execution?

Barrack Obama was the perfect camouflage for domestic White supremacy and international White nationalism. The ascendancy of Trump serves to reveal the hidden (in plain sight) underpinnings of the situation.

Why do you think the political elites are so unnerved by the turn of fate? One of the empires’s prime public relations canards hinges on the selling of multicultural imperialism. Witness the linguistic fudging and visual marketing of “humanitarian” bombing campaigns. A distopian businessman by Dan BoothTrump’s vulgar pronouncements and choice of authoritarian underlings threaten to shatter the veneer of the “one indispensable nation” and reveal the racist, blood-sustained workings at the soul-defiant centre of national security/police/prison industrial/militarist imperium.

How smart was it for the supercilious tools of the cultural elite to align their fortunes with neoliberal imperialists? The Democrat approach was to ignore the suffering of the poor, minorities, and working class/rural Whites, and then nominate a candidate who was the very emblem of the status quo. Now, after rigging their primary system in her favour, they direct their considerable propaganda machine to blaming everyone and everything other than themselves for their defeat?

The election, to the underclass of key rustbelt swing states, was about economic based desperation and the humiliation attendant to neoliberalism, degrading circumstances that can render one indifferent to everyday cruelty, a condition not known to privileged liberals. In short, the rustbelt underclass themselves feel mocked by the condescension of Liberal Class elitists, in general. Thus they are able to ignore or even feel affinity with Trump’s wit-defiant jerk-rocketry, and his appointments feel no more nefarious than they’d have faced under Hillary.


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