pop art

The Definite Line of Emma Coyle

Emma Coyle's current figurative work focuses on contemporary fashion magazine imagery to produce painterly paintings of a Fine Art standard...

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Massurrealism: Coining a Term, Founding a Movement

Multi-platform, multi-media, post-modern and New York! An interview with the founder of Massurrealism James Seehafer on pop art technology and the future....

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James Rosenquist: Visualising the Sixties

This essay looks at the work of James Rosenquist in terms of the pop art movement. Broadening its scope, we look at this artist's work against that of Ed Kienholz and Joseph Cornell....

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Lichtenstein Panel Created for Gunter Sachs Set for Auction

Composition, one of only three unique porcelain enamel works, was created to outfit the German photographer's bedroom suite in his notorious pop art apartment....

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Postmodernism: Living a Lie Dreaming the Truth

The modern subject is a self obsessed narcissist that masochistically imagines the truth as a destructive monster. ...

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“I want to show greatness, fragility, softness and power.”: Alexis Peskine

Peskine's nail sculptures transform anger into hope and pride...

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Loitered Lens : Roy Lichtenstein

Arty photos of artworks by an artist making art about art....

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Roy Lichtenstein : A Retrospective

Tate Modern offers a complete picture of Lichtenstein and his development as an artist, including pieces from late 1950s right up to the mid 1990s....

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