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Study Suggests Brain Unable to Distinguish Digital Reproduction of an Artwork From the Real Thing

Analysis found the differences in brain activity were insignificant, suggesting the aesthetic experience is not denigrated by being filtered through AR and VR....

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Mind Over Matter: Putting Thought in its Place

Mind and Brain dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;W/dropcaphenever we think about thinking, we think about mind. It is a common commendation to say of someone that he or she has a good...

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Why Do We Rebel? Neuroimaging Provides New Insight

Why do some people resist authority? Neuroimaging research provides new insight into the urge to rebel....

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Deep Brain Exploration with Nanomaterial

Nanoparticles offer new solutions to deep-brain exploration. ...

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Lines and Boundaries: The Different Ways Artists, Architects See

Artists and architects think differently compared to other people ...

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Guess Which Parts of the Brain Were Used for Stone Age Tech

Changes in Early Stone Age tool production have 'musical' ties ...

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The Wince Test. How to Tell if You Suffer From Empathic Pain

Emotions consist of general components that are also elicited by similar impressions and specific components...

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Can You Remember These Effects of Long Term Stress?

Long-term stress erodes memory. Study in mice places blame on immune system...

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We Can Teach You That Wholesale – Learning By Transcranial Stimulation

Learn how to fly a plane from expert-pilot brainwave patterns ...

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Risky Gambling or Shrewd Business? Does Your Brain Know the Difference?

Risky gambling choices are influenced by a single brain connection ...

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Mind of Blue. The Neuroscience of the Minor Key

Study of jazz pianists finds 'happy' and 'sad' music evoke different neural patterns...

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Laugh at the Mosquitos: Eradicate Itching, Forever!

Researchers evaluate transcranial direct current stimulation to eradicate itching...

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Two before bedtime? The Sensitivity Pill

Under tolcapone's influence, game players were more sensitive to and less tolerant of social inequity...

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