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The Human Menagerie: James Johnston

Luminous and mythic paintings of the Ur consciousness. A preview of James Johnston's 2023 Exhibition the Human Menagerie...

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Modern Mythology: Sofia Mitsola at Pilar Corrias

Sofia Mitsola's second solo show with the gallery visualises the artist's imaginings of warrior sisters in a semiaquatic world ...

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Creating Utopia & Dystopia

We recreate our myths everywhere, those which are beautiful and horrifying ...

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Pyramid building using levitation and floating

Trebuchet is taking a seasonal break until Jan 2nd. In the meantime we've selected some fine moments for you to enjoy...

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Daniel Morden: The Empty Hand (Crick Crack Club, Soho Theatre)

His dark materials: Daniel Morden shines a light at the Crick Crack Club (Soho Theatre)...

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Christian Thompson: Berceuse (Rebecca Hossack Gallery)

Celebrating 29 Years of Australian Aboriginal Art in London...

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Words, Phrases and Sentences: The Connective Tissue of Humanity

Poets strive to map the beauty and terror of existence. You have never been alone....

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Seductive Storytelling, Metaphor and Myth (Shifter at Soho Theatre)

Layered fables, haunting modern myth and Afro-Caribbean folk tales in Crick Crack Club's Soho Theatre session...

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Osiris is a Black Star (David Bowie and the Occult)

Bowie, Elvis, Death & the Egyptian Underworld...

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