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Make Better Music 34: Quantisation Death Ray

Make Better Music 34: Quantisation Death Ray. One of the problems I have with electronic music is that missing “human element”. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with robotic music, or...

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Black Label Society – Colston Hall

A few years ago (2007) Black Label Society, headed up by guitarist and singer Zakk Wylde, booked a March date at London’s Brixton Academy, well in advance following only a handful of appearances on...

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To Cast A Shadow – In Memory Of

To Cast A Shadow - In Memory Of...

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Make Better Music 23: Well there’s bad music and there’s good music…

Make Better Music 23: Well there’s bad music and there’s good music… I don't really believe in good and bad music....

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Fen – Epoch

(Code666 Feb2011) Shouted whispers across a hunter’s field. Epoch is the intense third release for this English quartet that owes as much to Alan Moore as it does to King Crimson. This is a...

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Neurosis – KOKO, London, UK

In December 2010 I witnessed rock and roll’s nadir, the point where you look upon a crowd of stupid fucks and wish that each and every one of them would fucking die....

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Earth –  Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1

Southern Lord (2011) Earth’s latest offering, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1, shows a definite development from the heavy drone aesthetic of yore, encompassing a variety of influences...

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Manuscripts Don’t Burn – The Breathing House

Fans of standard song structures might argue this album away as a talented wank project of a successful guitarist (Ephel Duath) left to his own narcissistic devices. But what do they know....

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Lingua – All My Rivals Are Imaginary Ghosts

Aural Music (2010) Mixing the harder edge of Indie guitar with the soaring vocals of mid-era Depeche Mode Swedish rockers Lingua have taken the scrawled melodic postcard of At The Drive-in and kept...

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Earth –  A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extractions

The opening song for this despondent treat is like the unfolding of a questionably green powdered orange, the insides of Earth evoking a terrified awe when revealed. An album which creeps up on you,...

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Bloodstock: UK’s Legendary Metal Festival Returns

Bloodstock 2010: A heavy metal festival. Oh god the teenage years wasted with headphones on have come rushing back! ...

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