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The Light of James Johnston

A love of symbolist northern landscapes...

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Safety in Michael Rumsby’s Nature

Michael Rumsby on landscapes, loving life & joy in painting....

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Barbara Macfarlane: Land Marks

A major exhibition of new work by the British landscape painter includes atmospheric depictions of the countryside and distinctive map-like representations of London and Paris....

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Lisa Sanditz: Mud Season

Paintings made during lockdown reimagine and rework the tradition of the Romantic landscape in the time of global health pandemics and Trump-era America....

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Artist Releases Paintings Responding to the Coronavirus From Lockdown

David Downes, a landscape painter who amplifies the sense of place and time through the lens of autism, is painting one piece a day throughout isolation....

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Major John Hitchens Retrospective

Aspects of Landscape features more than 50 works spanning nearly six decades, charting Hitchens' evolution from a descriptive to unique form of abstract painting. ...

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Mark Leckey: O’ Magic Power of Bleakness

Mark Leckey is an influential multimedia artist, his show at the Tate Britain 'O' Magic Power of Bleakness' explores memory, identity and the uncanny aspects of British landscape....

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Art Money July : British Landscape Painters Plateau at Sotheby’s

In the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition of 1808, J.M.W Turner made a rare misfire. British Landscape Painters Plateau at Sotheby’s: Trebuchet July Market Roundup...

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Anselm Kiefer, God, Death, and Seven Tons of Lead

This exhibition comprises mainly large-scale paintings that are flooded with molten lead....

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