Embodying Art

What is female identity in 2020? Multidisciplinary artist, Sofia Cianciulli, reconnects with her own sense of self and femininity through her practice....

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Sunflowers and Daguerreotypes: Rencontres d’Arles

At the opening week of the Rencontres d’Arles international photography festival ...

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Can Transpersons Really Destroy Society?

Who really needs protecting here?...

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Wigger, Wigga, Once Again

urther musings on whether we were racist to use the term ‘wigga’ in a Trebuchet article…. Wigga. The word certainly gives one pause. We need to be very careful though about...

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Niggas, Wiggas, Niggers, Wiggers. Language and the right to self-identify

ow long you niggas ball? All day, nigga. How much time you spent at the mall? All day, nigga. – Kanye West In response to an email suggesting that an article published in Trebuchet displayed...

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