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Can Transpersons Really Destroy Society?

Who really needs protecting here?

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]I[/dropcap] continue to see a toxic proliferation of anti-transperson prejudice.

To state it bluntly, the mindset amounts to flat out bigotry. The position is reactionary, retrograde, and displays a garden variety bigot’s fear of otherness. It presumes and prejudges what is harboured in the psyches of strangers. And casts aspersions on the character of a besieged subset of human beings.

Like all witch hunters, the mindset deems outsiders as dangerous to the vulnerable. By mindless reflex, the bigots claim victimhood when they are called out for their prejudice. Transpersons are no more dangerous to womanhood then Jews, Gypsies, gays, lesbians, the disabled, and, yes, transpersons were a danger to the Germans of the 1930s.lipstick, transpersons

And, yes, you can be a bigot and be a woman. Where I grew up in Alabama the Jim Crow culture was lousy with the breed. And they too claimed their womanhood was under siege and in need of protection from dangerous interlopers. One generally has to attend a Klan rally to hear the kind of fear-borne and hateful projections heaped upon transpersons in certain (sham) feminist quarters.

In short, a bigot is a bigot. Prejudice (i.e., prejudgement) is prejudice.

Fact of the matter is, transpersons, and all statistics on the subject bear the fact out, are in far more danger of becoming victims of assault and even murder than the women who claim that transpersons endanger their safety. Once again, per usual, in US Calvin/Puritan culture, its klaverns of hysterics deem all the dangers and troubles of earthly existence emanate from the human genitals.

In reality, gender and gender identity is a fluid and amorphous phenomenon. It is the noxious and obnoxious proclivity of the Calvinist/Puritan, and in general, Judeo-Christian worldview to deem gender identity as a fixed thing, and they alone are arbiters of what is acceptable and what presents danger to the community.

A psychical signature of the Judeo-Christian mode of mind is the belief that their actions protect the vulnerable. In fact, their hysterics engender much harm.

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