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Fire and Guitars: The Undertones

Punk Rock and Roll. A review of legendary band The Undertones at the Electric Ballroom...

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Chanting Guitars and Dusk Distortions: Bossk

Photos and review of underground post-metal band Bossk as they deliver sermons from the electric mount at London’s Garage (15.12.21)...

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Triple Threat. Actually, Double Threat. But Still Threatening! (Annihilator)

Blistering solos and overwhelming speed/thrash grooves, even on acoustic dreadnoughts...

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Rearrange the Deck Chairs and PLAY ON! Titanic Mass (Dynazty)

Dynazty's technically-profuse Melodic Scandinavian Metal album is as huge as you'd expect. It even has a power ballad....

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New Strats and Teles : Reconditioning Guitars for Sound Lounge

The idea that a loved but untouched instrument can find a new and noble home is one that warms the hearts of many musicians. As it did with Sound Lounge / Fair Frets founder Keiron Marshall when he...

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