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Chanting Guitars and Dusk Distortions: Bossk

Photos and review of underground post-metal band Bossk as they deliver sermons from the electric mount at London’s Garage (15.12.21)...

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Velvet Layers of Sound: DVNE

DVNE have a timely title for their band and having perfected their prog-metal sound have gained recognition from a global metal audience. Featuring intricate melodies, catchy riffs and solid...

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Starcrawler, Grabbing Attention By The Bruised Throat

Trebuchet heads to London's Garage to wave a camera at a real American nightmare - LA's Starcrawler....

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Loitered Lens: The Fall

Photos from The Fall playing live at The Garage, Islington...

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Whip Crack or Bad Craic? (The Bones)

a smart, catchy sixth album, but rock and roll kinksters The Bones lack the originality to stand out...

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And still they scream (The Sonics 2015)

The suited old gentlemen taking the stage might have entered the Forum slowly, but as soon as the beat kicked in the dust fell off the band, and the beast emerged....

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Loitered Lens : Tav Falco at Oslo, Hackney

Lithe and lean, Tav Falco plays up to the calls, draws the crowd in deeper and deeper....

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Foot-stomping hip-swivelling rockabilly country-blues (Tav Falco)

This crowd love Falco and Falco loves them back. He poses and postures, treats the audience to some fancy tango moves, and writhes on his back as if possessed. Tav Falco live. ...

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