Galerie da-End: What Ticks

Theatrical declarations and curated authenticity. Galerie Da-End: The mystery and the multidisciplinary...

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Look On My Works, Ye Mighty. And Grind.

Buried hubris and follies of personality along southern France's Atlantikwall...

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Between the covers: I Could Be Happy (Nouvelle Vague)

Delightful subtlety and sumptuous variance - Nouvelle Vague...

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Ban the Burkini? Or Ban Middle-Aged White Male Decision-Makers?

Legislation covers everyone, not just the few women who dress in a way you find threatening...

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Was Medieval France (even partly) Islamic? New Evidence Suggests So

Evidence of likely early medieval Muslim graves found in France ...

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The Right Business: Politics and the Randian Hero

Wealth does not denote moral worth, so why does it make politicians popular? Essay...

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Constellation des Carpates: Eglise de Seignosse le Penon [Live]

Writing about live music on the Capbreton-Hossegor-Seignosse strip of South-Western France has the tendency to become a 'What I did On My Holidays' essay. An essay featuring more blonde-dreadlocked...

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