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Loitered Lens : Beasts [Beasts]

Beasts soften the discordant minor melodies and double bass drum pedals of doom with catchy guitar riffs and shoegazer style vocals....

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A bewitching yet ruinous and wretched pastime [The Picturebooks]

Combining classic garage rock, the North European darkness of doom metal and the melancholy exhilaration of riding a custom chopper through the old Route 66 ghost towns of Arizona...

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Manami Mogg’s Metal Medley

This is the proverbial bollocks, with an utter mastery of brutality and method in equal measure....

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Pelican : UK Tour 2013

Pelican have officially announced three UK shows as part of a larger European tour this summer....

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Vulgaari : Vulgaari

Vulgaari by Vulgaari is such a mind numbing record that it should be the centrepiece in a church to mental restraint. - An Everyman Review of Good Ole Metal...

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Bloodstock 2012

Their fist-pumping fusion of brutish guitar and folk-esque synth lines make for a brilliant way to kick off my Bloodstock. They bring a feeling of raw ‘epic-ness’ that, although strived for by...

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Make Better Music 34: Quantisation Death Ray

Make Better Music 34: Quantisation Death Ray. One of the problems I have with electronic music is that missing “human element”. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with robotic music, or...

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Make Better Music 23: Well there’s bad music and there’s good music…

Make Better Music 23: Well there’s bad music and there’s good music… I don't really believe in good and bad music....

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