No More Casual Sex for Tinder Users!

Using Tinder doesn't result in more casual sex ...

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Stone Age Swipe Right: The Truth About Prehistoric Dating

Prehistoric humans are likely to have formed mating networks to avoid inbreeding ...

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Stay or Go? Quitting a Relationship, the Scientific Way

Untangling what goes on when a relationship is being questioned...

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Uncoupled Forever. The Science of Single Life

Single people have richer social lives, more psychological growth than married people...

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Should You Trust Your Gut Instinct? What Do Psychologists Say?

Systematic reasoning appears to beat intuition for recognizing emotions in others, study says...

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Are You Gettin’ It? The Effects of Frequent Sex (with your partner) on Relationships

Does frequent sex lead to better relationships? Depends on how you ask ...

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Born that Way? What Science Actually Knows about Sexual Orientation

Association for Psychological Science shares what scientists know -- and don't know -- about sexual orientation ...

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Is Risky Behaviour in the Head or the Heart? Research Suggests Both

Fewer romantic prospects may lead to riskier investments ...

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Thanks! The Proven Way to Get The Right Kind of Attention

Pay it forward: Small favors can yield large returns, study finds...

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Gasping for It! How Marijuana Affects the Sexual Morals of Students (!)

People may judge risks, such as whether they will regret having sex or whether they should use a condom, differently when they are drunk or high...

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How to Attract the Opposite Sex, a Scientific Approach

Chapman University publishes research on attractiveness and mating ...

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Love Hurts, Especially for Women

Women experience more emotional pain following a breakup, but they also more fully recover....

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Dating by Faith – Why?

People's decision to partner with religious or non-religious individuals can be determined by personality traits that religiosity is believed--rightly or wrongly--to predict...

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Your Computer or Your Family : Who Knows You Better?

Given enough Likes, the computers came closer to a person's self-reported personality than their brothers, mothers or partners...

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Kissy Kissy Icky Icky – The Microbiology of Snogging

Researchers calculate that about 80 million bacteria are transferred during a 10 second kiss...

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Left On the Shelf? Ideal Age by Gender

Men and women have different preferences regarding the age of their sexual partners and women's preferences are better realized than are men's....

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Why Women (and Patriarchy) Prefer Tall Men

According to the study data, the dominant reasons females cited for preferring a tall partner are matters of protection and femininity....

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Hot Sex for Lampreys

Some like it hot: The role of heat in sea lampreys' sex lives... cold lover's with hot hot mouths....

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Disgusting! Sexual Arousal Makes Us Less Squeamish

Well, we've all done things in the heat of passion that, in other circumstances, would seem a touch yucky (now give that hairbrush a good wash, madam). Actually, in the cold light of morning, the...

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Stressed Men Prefer Heavier Women

People idealize mature morphological traits like heavier body size when they experience an environmental threat such as stress....

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Playmates: How playfulness attracts partners

playfulness may serve an evolutionary role in human mating preferences by signaling positive qualities to potential long-term mates. Just as birds display bright plumage or coloration, men may...

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