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The Vision of Enter Art 2022 by Kirsten Eggers

An interview with the Head of Art Advisory at Enter Art Fair Kirsten Eggers...

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Frieze 2021: The Return!

"It is the most exciting moment to be able to go back to a physical fair, celebrating London and its creative community after such a challenging year" - Eva Langret...

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Rewriting the Canon: Christiana Ine-Kimba Boyle

An interview with Pace Gallery's newly appointed Online Sales Director Christiana Ine-Kimba Boyle ...

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The Small Infinite

The gallery as a material is a place-holder and steward of sense, constantly exchanging the outside and the inside....

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A Less Lonely Experience of Viewing Art Online

'Me, Family', a digital art platform commissioned by Mudam Luxembourg, invites its viewers to interact as avatars...

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The Rise of the Curator

New forms of power emerge all the time and for a while they escape criticism, but not forever!...

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Is It OK if I Take A Quick Shot? The Trials of Curation

Art, controversy, exhibition. In introduction to the curator's metier...

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