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Earth Day Prompts First Ever Global Stealth Street Art Event

For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, more than 500 artists bring passion and protest to the first ever global stealth street art event....

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Keeping The Faith – The Billy Bragg Election Tour

This sold-out show was a call to arms that there is another way, and that we can take a great leap forwards to a fairer, more equal society....

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Did You Guess the Winners of Global Warming?

Climate change may favor large plant eaters over small competitors ...

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Tracking Global Warming With Mother of Pearl : The Ocean’s Tree-Rings

Ocean temperatures faithfully recorded in mother-of-pearl ...

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Have an Ice Day: Lake Ecologists Consider the Winter Season

Study finds life under the ice is vibrant, complex and surprisingly active...

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No Rain, No Rivers Flow? Ethiopia to Benefit from Climate Change

Climate change may help Ethiopia, and increase the country's access to water ...

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Climate change forest survival

Climate Change : Predicted increases in temperature and drought in the coming century may make it more difficult for conifers such as ponderosa pine to regenerate....

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Snow Globe: Climate Change Shake Up

A new climate change model predicts an increase in snowfall for the Earth's polar regions and highest altitudes, but an overall drop in snowfall for the globe, as carbon dioxide levels rise over the...

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