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The Future of Sound of a Native Culture – Hanggai

An unusual yet explosive mix of big band horns and Mongolian rock from a band with a subtle political subtext. Big Band Brass by Hanngai...

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China’s Contemporary Cultural Revolution

Zhu Wei is an internationally acclaimed artist who examines contemporary China using traditional painting methods, he shares his thoughts in issue 3 of Trebuchet Magazine (excerpt here) ...

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The Passion of Wu Yongning

Final dance of Chinese rooftop artist Wu Yongning...

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霸权 Chinese values make the world China!

Chinese hegemony is it something to worry about? It is if your uncomfortable with the West becoming more undemocratic and prone to long term leaders who stay on for, stability. ...

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Blended Dystopias, lovingly created nightmares

We have been imagining 'Chimerica' since Blade Runner in 1982 many years before the word was coined! The nightmare is made of the worst aspects of both worlds unbridled consumerism, industrial waste...

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Nomadic music and the convergence of style – Tengger Cavalry

Sometimes, the tropes of contemporary Western culture can combine with the music of other eras and nations to turn up unexpected results....

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Sinicisation, Making The World In China

Remaking the world in China. Its long been thought that our products would change China but it seems China is not so ready to be co-opted! our products and brands are easily transformed through...

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China/Art/Soft Power: speak softly and carry a big stick!

China is developing its soft power portfolio; state propaganda, Confucius institutes, strategic investment and of course, art. ...

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How Did China Tame The Market?

To fully understand the impact of China in the modern world its important to have an idea of how the self styled communist state extricated the free market from democracy....

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Chimerica: Is Ai Wei Wei an Enemy of the State?

The Symbiosis of China & America ...

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Is it Done Yet? Archaeologists Find 5000 Year-Old Recipe for Beer

Revealing a 5000-year-old beer recipe in China...

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Shamate : China’s Secret Family

Something purposeful and stubbornly cryptic is obviously gathering pace inside the communist walls of the Middle Kingdom....

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