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Breaking down Hierarchy

A collaborative curatorial experiment lies at the heart of a Manchester Museum’s new South Asia Gallery...

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Do Mekong River Dams Need to Ruin Villages?

Towards an algorithm for dam operators that will increase fish harvests and still generate power...

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Alaska and Asia: The Trans-Pacific Trading Partnership that Pre-dates Columbus

Old World metals traded on Alaska coast hundreds of years before contact with Europeans ...

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Presenting the Ping Pong Ourobouros of Singapore

The white, pearl-like spheres will become luminescent by night, and the sentences will join up to form lines flowing around the circular shape....

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Katha [Following George Orwell in Burma]

Photojournalist Julio Echart traces the footsteps of George Orwell in Burma...

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Forbidden Rice

With rice so readily available today, it is hard to imagine that stealing something as simple as a handful of black rice could result in a death penalty...

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Rice and Redemption : The Learning Farm

I am glad that some of them are now coming back and learn the old skills of the farm. A person should know how to grow their own food....

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Lorenzo Rudolph / Art Stage Singapore : Interview

People are now paying more attention to the region and more institutions are now working with and supporting Southeast Asian artists. Lorenzo Rudolph talks to Nicola Anthony about Art Stage Singapore...

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The Return of the Return of Fu Man Chu

‘Yellow peril gets nearer’ is a newspaper headline I remember from my distant youth. In those politically incorrect days it may have referred to a new strain of Asian Flu or a Chinese incursion...

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