Tag: Art and Politics

Colonialism, Audience and Art’s Ability to Teach

An interview with Larry Ossei-Mensah...

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Routes of Life, Ghosts of History

Post-colonialism is alive and well. As a discourse it has parallel pathways to power and capital through institutions and histories. It is a lens to scrutinise how facts are used to build myths and...

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Hope and Myth in Mitch Griffiths’ Immortal

A review of Mitch Griffiths IMMORTAL exhibition at Halcyon Gallery...

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Art on the Streets Exhibition

The posters invite the viewer to consider the role that visual activism can play in our everyday experience, highlighting the power of images to challenge and empower....

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Artist-Activist Carlos Celdran Conviction Upheld

Case against Filipino artist who protested in support of reproductive rights in Manila Cathedral continues as solicitor general asks court to reconsider. ...

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Sci-Fi Politicism Meets Erudite Poetry

dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;I/dropcapmagine another world in which extra-terrestrials roam or slide with their cyborg affiliates. Imagine their futuristic habitats, their disasters...

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Art and Politics (its all about transformation)

The transformation of a world veiw is possible but does art approach the challenge?...

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