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A Bought-Out Police State? Plus Ca Change.

The foundations of a Trump-era corporation-enabling police state were laid by Barack Obama...

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Queasy Democrats – Make Your Wound a Womb

Only an honest appraisal of the situation will prove of benefit for Democrats yet to come...

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Trump: The Handy Hillaryite Denial Buddy

Donald Trump is the arch enabler of Hillaryites' addiction to political pettifoggery...

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Killer Hillary or the Lumpentrumpetariat; On Choosing the Lesser of two Evils

A presidency headed by either Donald Trump or the Clinton Cartel will make the world a more dangerous place. Essay...

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Hillary’s Hair-Trigger Partisans Versus Trump’s Smalltown Nostalgists. A Zero Sum Game

In a battle between Trump and Clinton, should it come to that, no-one wins. Essay...

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