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Jason Forrest – Donna Summer – Download

Official Free Download links for 4 LP’s and 4 Eps from Jason Forrest / Donna Summer

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]F[/dropcap]ans of Hi Energy Mashed up music will know Jason Forrest for his epic releases both under his own name and as Donna Summer. Who hasn’t raised the roof at a party with War Photographer or Stepping out?

and if you like that check out:


Something of an over achiever from his Berlin lair he organises the Wasted festival, runs a radio, show and creates the ‘curators not collectors’ video portal called Network Awesome.


So for 2014 he’s decided to ease the consciences of a portion of his fanbase and make some of music officially available for free download!

Why’s he doing this?

“For various reasons, I discovered that my music has been largely taken off the internet despite having released quite a lot of music and traveling extensively. I have always made music so that people to enjoy it first and we could all make money from it as a by product.

Since I’m working full time on Network Awesome at the moment there’s no reason to prevent people from hearing the music for free, and I’m also just happy for people to remember what I’ve made.”

Hows that for (near) christmas spirit? and in the same vein if you like his music why not buy the one that is actually still up for sale:

Jason Forrest

Go here to buy The Everything by Jason Forrest on iTunes: 

So without further ado here are the Official Free Download links for 4 LP’s and 4 Eps from Jason Forrest / Donna Summer

Jason ForrestDownload Albums

Download – Jason Forrest: “The Everything”

Download – Donna Summer: “This Needs To Be Your Style” – Irritant Records

Download – Donna Summer: “To All Methods Which Calculate Power”
“While this album continues to develop my interest in contextual and genre shifts, it also moves quite rapidly through many different song structures and musical developments. It’s intended to be more of an album than a collection of songs, because I listen to a lot of rock albums and strive for that sort of “album experience”. I also play around with some recognizable Pop tunes, like Joe Jackson’s “Stepping Out”, and if you really listen you can hear “I am the Walrus” in there somewhere…”

Donna Summer: “Belligerent Super Vision”
“A collection of new sample heavy songs, strong with rock flavor, but corrupted many times over through DSp and breakcore!

One of the real challenges of a label such as this is to try to create something “new”, something that tries to bundle all of our interests into one semi-coherent package. While this may not be THE answer it’s seems to be on the right track. Imagine semi-equal parts electro acoustics, arena rock style guitars, lots of hard breaks, and a good measure of rump-shaking, late-seventies disco. Oh, and there’s plenty of raw noise too.”


Download EP’s

Download – Jason Forrest: “Utopia EP”

Download – Donna Summer Vs. Ove Naxx 12″

Download – Donna Summer: “The Irregular”

Download: Donna Summer – Wooden Karova 7″ – Mirex Records


You can also play his whole albums directly from Youtube:

Jason Forrest / Donna Summer Playlist

Jason Forrest / Donna Summer Channel



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