Wikileaks: Full Allegations against Assange

The Guardian has published what it claims are the full set of allegations against wikileaks Assange....

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Wikileaks : Assange Released on Bail

Wikifever is back on track with the release of Wikileaks spokesperson Julian Assange on bail despite pressure from Swedish government indicating that Assange might prove to be a flight risk....

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Protest: Westminster disadvantaged at risk by changes to social care policy

Protest: Westminster disadvantaged at risk by changes to social care policy...

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NASA Discovers new form of Life!

Gizmodo reports that a completely new form of life has been discovered in the US that does not share the same building blocks as everything else on the planet. Nasa...

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World AIDS day

Today is World Aids Day and in support Trebuchet would like people to get involved in the following events and if possible make a contribution to finding a solution. ...

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Secret Video From North Korea Shows Society on Verge of Collapse

China is becomes increasingly frustrated with the 'spoiled child' North Korea who refuse to take guidance from the local superpower....

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Wikileaks Post Diplomatic Cables

Around the world there is only one news story today, Wikileaks and the US diplomatic cables. ...

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Public Wifi Still Massively Unsafe After All These Years.

Public Wifi Still Massively Unsafe After All These Years....

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First Data Protection Act Fine Issued

The Information Commissioner responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act has fined Hertfordshire County Council £100k for failing in its duties....

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North Versus South Korea

Missiles and artillery fire has resounded in the far east province of the global village as each leader pumps and primes themselves with carefully worded statements....

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Chap-Hop Rivalry reaches New Heights

Chap-Hop a particularly English form of Hip-Hop has become privy to some ugly scenes of one-up-manship recently between Mr B and Professor Elemental. ...

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UK Museum Halts Plague Ridden Expedition to Paraguay

Following protests an expedition by London's natural history museum has been halted while an impact assessment is made to determine how the local population will be affected. i.e. Plague...

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Scientists Get Closer to Invisibility Cloak

Scientists have come a 'huge step' closer to developing a material that bends light around an object, a property that aims to make things invisible....

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Boris rejects Cameron’s ‘Social Cleansing’ Cap

London Mayor Boris Johnson seeks to mitigate the effects of Cameron's bill to cap housing benefit...

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G20: No Charges Over Ian Tomlinson Demo Death

About the cause of death, which led to three post-mortem examinations being conducted on Mr Tomlinson....

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Teenagers Are Getting Digitally High From Downloaded Music

Teenagers Are Getting Digitally High From Downloaded Music. They put on their headphones, drape a hood over their head and drift off into the world of ‘digital highs’....

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‘Age Lie’ Former Miss Cornwall Takes Plymouth Title

A teacher stripped of a beauty queen title for lying about her age and where she lived has won another competition in a neighbouring county....

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