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Avaaz and Amnesty: Libya!

As reports come in through a variety of media it's clear that the protests aren't going well. 

Numerous Youtube videos, and global media broadcasts show a country on the verge of violent uprising being met with overwhelmingly violent repression from the grovernment. Without the presence of the world media to directly report on the scene, the chaos on the streets has been represented with an equally chaotic picture of the state of the country. While the grand narratives of goodies and baddies are being written people are dying and action must be taken.

Both Avaaz and Amnesty have launched campaigns to counteract factors that have exacerbated the situation there. Read on and get involved.



Press Release: Amnesty.

Over the last few days we've been appalled by the violent and totally unacceptable crackdowns on peaceful protesters in Libya, Bahrain and several other countries across the Middle East & North Africa. And there's evidence emerging that the UK may have licensed security equipment to the Libyan authorities which has been used to crush protests across the country.

Next weeks there will be negotiations at the UN on the proposed Arms Trade Treaty. The need for strong international export controls to prevent weapons, munitions and related security equipment from ending up in the hands of known human rights abusers is more vital than ever.

Take action now to pressure the UK Government to press for a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty

We have long campaigned for a strong and effective control on the deadly trade in weapons. These licenses for Libya should never have been granted in the first place given the reams of credible information we and others have supplied to the UK government relating to the Libyan government’s extreme intolerance of all forms of dissent.

We are also calling for a comprehensive arms embargo and an immediate suspension of any further shipments of equipment that pose a real danger of being used to violently suppress peaceful protests in Libya, and a halt to similar transfers to Yemen, Bahrain and other protest-hit countries in the region. Please take action now

Thank you.


Press Release: Avaaz.org

Hundreds of democracy protesters are being massacred by Qaddafi's military in Libya. The UN is in emergency meetings right now and could freeze the regime's assets, impose a no-fly zone, and threaten trials in international courts. Tell the UN to act now to stop the bloodshed:

Send a message now!

Libya's armed forces are using machine guns and fighter jets against pro-democracy protesters — hundreds have been killed and, without immediate international action, it could spiral into a national bloodbath.

The United Nations Security Council is holding emergency sessions on Libya now. If we can pressure them to agree to a no-fly zone over Libya, an asset freeze on Qaddafi and his generals, targeted sanctions against the regime, and international prosecution of any military officials involved in the crackdown — this could stop airforce bombings and split Qaddafi's command structure.

We have no time to lose — the people of Libya are being slaughtered by their own government. Click to send a message directly to all the UN Security Council delegations to stop the violence, and share this with everyone — let's spur the UN to action with a flood of messages:


Colonel Qaddafi  has ruled with an iron fist for 42 years with no parliament or constitution. He is the longest-serving dictator in Africa and the Middle East. No foreign press are allowed in Libya, and the government has shut down the internet and mobile phone networks in an attempt to hide the brutal violence. But protesters, who are demanding regime change and basic rights, are reporting that thousands of people are still taking to the streets even though hundreds have been massacred. UN human rights chief Navi Pillay says the government's attacks 'may amount to crimes against humanity'.

Appalled by the atrocities, Libyan diplomats and some army high command have already defected from the regime. If the UN can ramp up the pressure on Qaddafi and his cohorts — confiscating their riches and threatening them with trials — those commanding the brutality may reconsider and stop the bloodshed.

The UN Security Council presidency is now held by Brazil, a government with a strong commitment to human rights with whom Avaaz has a strong campaigning reputation. We don't have long to influence the UNSC — let's flood their inboxes with messages from across the world! Send a message and forward this to friends and family:


The people of Libya are being gunned down for demanding freedom, health, education and a decent wage — basic needs that we all share. Today, as a global community, let's raise our voices from every corner of the world to condemn the shocking massacres, and together take action to end the bloodshed and support the Libyans' rightful call for change.  

With hope and determination,

Alice, Ricken, Pascal, Graziela, Rewan and the entire Avaaz team


UN council to discuss Libya, Al Jazeera

Choas and bloodshed in Libya

Live updates on Libya from the Guardian and the BBC:


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