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Black Swan, White Swan: Bloom Twins, Nambucca

Skinnycandy gets a dose of stream of consciousness at the appropriately Joycean Bloom Twins...

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Sever spawned a Monster’s Ball (Sumo Cyco live at The Underworld)

A kerosene cocktail of sparky lust and punk metal power - Sumo Cyco raise the temperature at the Underworld. Review...

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Dining out on Legba’s Feast (Vodun, The Lexington)

More than soulful, Vodun are spiritual. The heavy psych trio shift paradigms at the Lexington...

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I want to party hard, but you won’t let me (Best Friends. Sebright Arms)

Where is the quirky charming genius of 'Surf Bitches', 'Nosebleeds', 'Happy Anniversary'? I want to party hard tonight but you won’t let me. Best friends...

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Sex, fireflies and audiotape: ‘Anima’ purrs (Francesca Belmonte)

The moon is apparently moving away from us by four centimetres every year, Francesca Belmonte may just have thrown a lasso and dragged it back towards us a fraction...

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Officer?! There’s mashed potato on the Pentonville Road! [The Lovely Eggs]

here are six people who probably tune in to my witterings, four of whom have probably already abandoned ship half way through this sentence, which leaves just my editors. Yet, hang on a minute, there...

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How to ride a comet side-saddle. Lydia Ainsworth live.

he moon turns cycles and the horse year now makes way for the gentler graces of the goat. Lighter hooves are the order of the day. Evening number two for me here at the Sebright Arms and I’ve...

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On the trail of the Nephilim…. Toundra’s battle for the hearts and minds of Madrid via Hackney

This is a seamless blend, a symphony with thunderous undertones....

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