Author: Sean Troth

Jon Hopkins: Singularity

Smashed beats so metallic you can almost taste the blood. Jon Hopkins kills it with Singularity...

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Many beats, no Spreadsheets. Pattern of Excel (Lee Bannon)

Pattern of Excel must qualify as Bannon’s most experimental venture yet....

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Deep vulnerability and paranoia. Salt (Roseau)

Salt's sound palette mixes electronic pop with more organic, natural sounds - the record's sonics were apparently inspired by a walk around a giant abandoned warehouse nearby ...

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A battle between nature and technology [Clark]

Clark's music expresses a world precariously balanced, sounding equally on the brink of triumph and disaster; the two often intertwining...

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Hoffman : Serenity

Even though Hoffman is widely regarded as a veteran of the UK breaks scene, Serenity is his first opportunity to explore his sound over the course of a full length solo record...

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Dexter Dalwood : ‘London Paintings’

Whereas his previous work featured imagined interiors and locations acting as memorials to real people, here it is the narratives which are imagined...

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Tom De Freston : The Charnel House [Book]

One of the major successes of de Freston's imagery lies in the fantastically delicate positioning of the horrible and the harrowing with the everyday...

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Red Square : Steam

Compared to previous Red Square releases, this is slightly darker, slightly colder in tone. ...

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