Author: Jed Saint

Jed the Music Ed. is a Music Promoter/Booking Agent and general fixer with Rawkus Events. Jed's interests include a constant and reckless over-caffeination, irrationally spontaneous travel plans and maintaining an over-expensive (borderline hoarder) PC/retro gaming habit.

Bloodstock 2014 : Preview

As always with a Bloodstock lineup, there’s a hugely eclectic mix of Metal sounds and subgenres taking to the stage...

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Oceano : Incisions

The first thing that is immediately noticeable about Incisions is the sound design. From the first discordant riff and throat-wrenching roar of opening track ‘Eternal Wasteland’, it’s proven a...

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Bloodstock 2013

'a cover of 'The Final Countdown' threatens to burst the stage with the volume of those roaring along' ...

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Listener [Live]

Performing a set covering both old and newer material, Listener create an electric, vacuous atmosphere of mystification and strike the crowd near-dumb. The usual glazed, blank looks at the back of...

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Bloodstock 2012

Their fist-pumping fusion of brutish guitar and folk-esque synth lines make for a brilliant way to kick off my Bloodstock. They bring a feeling of raw ‘epic-ness’ that, although strived for by...

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Feed the Rhino: Hevy Fest

In an age where (a little sadly) aesthetics are as important to the hardcore scene as musical ability, Feed The Rhino cover all of the bases – as one hipster said to another, “we’ve gotta catch...

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Devil Sold His Soul [Live]

Then, coming to the end of a great set, disaster strikes. “This is our last song”, announces Ed. We’re treated to the opening guitar line of what I suspect was ‘Darkness Prevails’, before...

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The Social Club: Mini Interview

We choose to play happier stuff! You have to hold back your money shot and focus on strong songwriting. At first listen the songs sound simple but they’re much deeper than that – Lew...

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Hawk Eyes: Mini Interview

We’ve never really tried to craft an image, just evolve organically – differently from ‘desperate’ bands. Modern Bodies was wall-to-wall get fucked, whereas Ideas is a progression from that. ...

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The Sun Explodes: Emergence

'this ballsy new convergence of metal/rock/prog/post-hardcore/electronica'...

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Mutiny on the Bounty: Trials

Here is a band with a ceaseless work-rate, an impressive touring/gigging record and Facebook and Twitter pages filled with adoring fans ...

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