Art and Mind 2013

The hub of the UK art-science community met for a historic photo call at 2pm, Saturday 6 July at GV Art, 49 Chiltern St, London W1U 6LY.

The hub of the UK art-science community met for a historic photo call at 2pm, Saturday 6 July at GV Art, 49 Chiltern St, London W1U 6LY.

For many years C. P. Snow’s defining statement about the two, non-communicating worlds of the sciences and the humanities has been a constant hum behind cultural life in this country. Meanwhile however, artists, writers and scientists, ignoring this, have been deeply involved in collaborations, discourse and exchanges. Many of those involved have been brought together by Robert Devcic’s London gallery GV Art and by Garry Kennard’s charity Art and Mind. In recognition of this continuing and growing dialogue we have brought together an extraordinary group of people who have been associated with this movement over the last decade. It displays that, contrary to common thought, Snow’s two worlds have become, perhaps always were, one.


    Who’s who?

  1. Garry Kennard – artist, writer, lecturer, founding director of Art and Mind
  2. Professor Max Lab – professor, Imperial College, London, sculptor
  3. Rita Carter – science writer
  4. Professor Chris French – professor of psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London
  5. Professor Arthur Miller – emeritus prof of history and philosophy of science, UCL
  6. Alessandra Milella – Phd candidate in Neuroaeasthetics, Goldsmiths University of London
  7. Pascale Pollier – artist. President of AEMS, and of BIOMAB
  8. Eleanor Crook – sculptor, course tutor, MA Art and Science, Central St Martins
  9. Lesley Graham – graphic designer, research student Essex University
  10. Anais Tondeur – artist
  11. Alana Pryce
  12. Ruth Valentine – poet, writer
  13. Reiko Kubota – artist
  14. Dr Megan Dowie – neuroscience post-doctoral-research fellow, University of Oxford
  15. Geoffrey Harrison – artist
  16. Neil Stoker – scientist, artist
  17. Robert Devcic – curator and exhibition producer & founder of GV Art gallery, London
  18. Cosima Gretton – curator, director of AXNS collective
  19. Ms. Basma Alharthy – PhD candidate, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London
  20. Susan Aldworth – Artist, printmaker
  21. Malcolm Creese – musician, creator of Acoustic Triangle, Artistic Director Swaledale Festival
  22. Kate Dicker – artist, wood engraver, writer, lecturer
  23. Ian Mortimer OBE – printer, painter
  24. Andrew Carnie – artist and lecturer, Winchester School of Art
  25. Professor Francesca Happe – professor of cognitive science, Kings
  26. Professor Barry Smith – director, Institute of Philosophy, University of London
  27. Elaine Snell – CEO, British Neuroscience Association
  28. Professor Colin Blakemore – neuroscientist,  School of Advanced Study, University of London and University of Oxford
  29. Annabel Huxley
  30. Professor Chris Frith – emeritus professor of neuropsychology, UCL
  31. Tom Jeffreys – journalist, art critic, editor of The Journal of Wild Culture
  32. Igor Tojcic – art and health professional
  33. Ruth Padel – poet, novelist, critic, conservationist and scholar
  34. Professor Uta Frith DBE – emeritus professor of cognitive development
  35. Dr Marius Kwint –reader in visual culture, University of Portsmouth
  36. Professor Rob Kesseler – artist, Professor of Ceramic Art & Design at Central Saint Martins
  37. Nathan Cohen – artist. Course leader, MA Art and Science, Central St Martins



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