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Trebuchet Podcast 9 – Dark Arts with Bobby Acharya

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Trebuchet Podcast 9

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:02:05 Update from Trebuchet Magazine

00:04:20 – Postcard from a gallery: Olga Tarasova – Chalton Gallery

An interview with curator and architect Olga Tarasova discussing For/In itself, an exhibition she recently curated at Chalton Gallery. Further parts of the discussion will appear in the next issue of Trebuchet Magazine, Contemporary Surrealism out in May 2020.


00:14:20 – Professor Bobby Acharya: The Dark Sectors of the Universe.

A discussion with award-winning physicist Bobby Acharya. Bobby works at both King’s College London and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy.  He is a member of the Atlas experiment at CERN, and coordinates Physics Without Frontiers which teaches physics in developing countries.

During Professor Acharya’s talk he refers to several diagrams you can follow along here: Professor Acharya’s slides


This event was held at the Gunmakers in January 2020. A big thank you to the staff who looked after us so well on the night and to Katey who helped in the runup to the event. Special thanks to the wonderful Bonnie, who helped out on the night.

00:37:08 Next event and outro

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