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Trace Elements: The Others

I caught the closing minutes of a TV property show last night. A couple had chosen (for couple, read girlfriend) the new home they were going to move into, with the main criteria being she wanted a place that would make all of her friends jealous.

Just to be clear, her friends weren’t going to be living there, the couple would be, and potentially for years, plus the boyfriend appeared to have had his opinion extracted (for opinion, read spine) completely by the girlfriend.

As I shook my head and judged (I may even have earned the right to put a QC after my name) I pondered on how much we all shape our lives based upon trying to impress others, to get back at others, to avoid others, (I could add others, but won’t).

Are we all choosing ‘property’ based on external rather than internal criteria? And are some of us, like the TV boyfriend, even accepting what’s been filtered down through an other? If so, what chance is there for finding core happiness?

A life shape comprises of a series of choices. And if they’re not yours?

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