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Tour Diaries : The Business

He may look like something that got left out for recyling behind the Crass commune, but this guy can play

A picture of The Business by Nick Henderson

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]T[/dropcap]he Business are a band.

If you are reading this you probably already know how to describe their sound, so instead let’s introduce the guys onstage. Leading from the front we have Micky on vocals. Being from South East London he will often talk in rhymes and riddles that both amuse and confuse in equal measure.

A picture of The Business by Nick Henderson

His onstage delivery is legendary and has one of the most recognisable vocal styles in the scene.

Next up is Trots, so named because his feet resemble those of a pig. A stocky bulldog of a man, he patrols the stage with his bass like an angry sergeant keeping the troops in line.

A picture of The Business by Nick HendersonOn guitar we find Fish. A picture of The Business by Nick HendersonNow he may look like something that got left out for recyling behind the Crass commune, but this guy can play, he uses all six strings of his guitar and can play all of The Scorpions lead breaks from memory.

The real jewel in the crown though has to be Bundie, the drummer. His natural talent and ability can only be overshadowed by his wit, intelligence and the sort of dashing good looks that would make Mr Pilsbury  look like an old boot.

A picture of The Business by Nick Henderson
On the 19th of April 2014 The Business put out a new 7″: ‘Back In The Day’. This coincided with a gig to celebrate the release. But where? The Business have played all over the world in exotic locations and dream destinations, not to mention every toilet in between. After careful planning and consideration it was decided that the gig was to be held in Watford, which it turns out is a place as well as a person. You can find it on the map just north of a village called ‘London’.

Arriving in Watford we first checked into our accomodation. A good salesman would probably describe the room as cosy with a minimalist theme. Although there was no toilet, the smell of the shower suggested that maybe previous guests had been undettered by the omission. That said, we all had a bed and it certainly did the job.

[quote]obliviously shouting for obscure

songs they had no chance of hearing[/quote]

The Flag was to be the venue for the evening, a venue that is rightly becoming a new home to punk rock in the UK. The Collective running it have the right attitude and approach, and the atmosphere was bang on. The other bands on the bill were great and set the crowd off right from the start: Skoisters, Peckham Rolex and Knock Off were all right on the money, and you should go and see them if they play a place near you.

The Business took to the stage and the crowd was with them from the first note, singing along to all the choruses (and obliviously shouting for obscure songs they had no chance of hearing). The room filled up with the familiar smell of sweat and lager and all concerened had a jolly good time.

Any band would be grateful to recieve the support and enthusiasm of this crowd and The Business are no exception, it is a genuine pleasure to play and thanks to everyone at the show for getting involved and keeping our scene going.

The end of the night came around and after a nightcap or two everybody headed home to eat their Easter Eggs. Watford had been ticked off the bucket list, but we’ll hopefully be back there again soon.

Thanks to everyone involved for making it a great night.

Photos: Nick Henderson. Not to be reproduced without prior permission.

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One Reply to “Tour Diaries : The Business”

  1. Adrian noon says:

    A great business gig & a pleasure to support a great band, that I have liked & followed from there early days, micky fitz is a top bloke & glad we went down well as a support band

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