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The Swans are Coming! Uk Tour 2013

04-Apr UK London KOKO. Mouth to Mouth Curator Event. XiuXiu, Ben Frost, Mercury Rev’s Cinematic. Silent Sound Tettix Wave Experiment and Swans

The Seer Swans

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]H[/dropcap]ear Ye, Dare Ye.

The Swans rock. People wax long on their seminal influence and the way they have maintained a stance which transcends music. The stance? Standing on one leg and kicking something probably. The Swans have always been working a fractious constant against the perception of them. Which, of course, they’ve cultivated.

Gira and Co have long understood that music is an aesthetic city of which sound is the biggest neighbourhood, but it’s not the only gig in town. Unlike the April the 4th show in Koko London which probably IS the only gig on the planet!

Outside of the polemics, The Swans continue to create some of the greatest ‘hard’ music recorded or live and once again you’ve all got the chance to pour yourself a cup and drink deep of history.


01-Apr UK Birmingham *HMV Institute

02-Apr UK Brighton *Concorde 2

04-Apr UK London KOKO

Mouth to Mouth Curator Event

XiuXiu, Ben Frost, Mercury Rev’s Cinematic

Silent Sound Tettix Wave Experiment and Swans

05-Apr UK Leeds *Stylus

06-Apr UK Bristol *O2 Academy

* Swans and XiuXiu only

The Seer Swans



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