The rise of the Bingo scene in the UK

The rise of the Bingo scene in the UK

The rise of the Bingo scene in the UK

If you are a bingo fan in the UK, you will have noticed the massive increase in popularity for the game in recent times. More people are becoming fans on a daily and the industry will be buoyed further by recent legislation that will halve bingo hall taxes to 10%.

This huge leap in Bingo popularity can be put down to a number of factors, but the main two are the increase in the number of businesses offering an online version of the game, and improvements in the reach and quality of marketing. With the easy availability of online bingo today players can sit back and enjoy the rush from the comfort of their couches.

The increasing power of social media means online bingo sites have a marketing avenue that is more cost effective, engaging and interactive than ever, allowing them to showcase the game to a wider audience with better results.

There is another side to the coin with this increase in the number of people embracing the online version of this classic game. There has been a sharp decline in the number of bingo clubs around the UK.  This article  lays a large part of the blame for this decline at the door of the unfavourable tax system. With 200 of 600 halls having closed something had to change. Whether the new tax laws can reverse the trend is yet to be seen.

The largest proportion of those embracing the new and fresh Bingo platforms in the UK are within the age range 20 to 25, with more women playing than men. This demographic data highlights that this is an industry with massive potential for growth over the coming years.

The best online bingo sites in the UK host 90 ball bingo. This variation allows a player 3 chances to win as in most traditional bingo hall games. Prizes are available for covering 1 line, 2 lines and for a full house.

In the US, the norm is 75 ball bingo with only one winner. The winner is the player that covers all squares, or specific patterns.  In Sweden, they play a 5 line bingo game with 5 different lines for players to win on.

The main German bingo version is similar to the traditional game in the UK. However, the game is predominantly used to teach kids and help with their spelling, maths and history skills. It isn’t about gambling (yet).  Bingo games can be a great way to keep the kids away from the TV, especially important in the light of recent findings highlighting the damage done to kids by the Television.

With recent evidence that just one hour of TV per day increases the chances of obesity in Kids, it is, hopefully, only a matter of time before more parents get their kids playing games more, rather than sitting in front of the TV.

Bingo is certainly not limited to the British shores. Many other countries have mirrored the bingo scene in the UK, include Italy and Japan.  Online bingo gaming was recently legalised in Italy, and Japan is relatively new to the scene. However, even though the UK has more than 3 million bingo players, and years of Bingo history, Japan is already ahead, as they have gone from zero to hero and have the most online bingo players in the world today.

The online bingo scene in the UK is on course to continue expanding. The Bingo halls are likely to see a resurgence with the new tax laws, and the online game, fuelled by ever increasing interaction with social media, is set to explode. The world Bingo scene is also expanding, with gambling friendly countries welcoming this fun, social game.

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