Tips to keep your cool in a Casino.

If you are a casino novice, you may have the impression that it is much easier than it is.

Many a man has tried to win big on their first visit and failed miserably, so you need to bear in mind that all casino games involve a great deal of skill. When you first learn something new, it can be a bit challenging. However, as you pick up tips and suggestions you can make it over the hurdles newbies may experience. This is very true when learning new casino games like roulette.

Learning some tips to improve upon your odds of winning at roulette that can be applied to playing can potentially make the difference in a winning gaming session and a losing one.  The best way to learn the games is to practise at a site like Gaming Club online casino, as the pressures of the casino floor won’t be there and you can place very low chips

If you are able to find a casino that offers European roulette with the single zero wheel, this can improve your odds of winning significantly. With this particular wheel, the odds of the house winning are only 2.63 percent. Some casinos offer European roulette for everyone, while some instead provide it only in the high limit areas of the casino. This means that to play, your minimum bet will most likely be much larger. Given the better odds for the player, European roulette is always a preferred choice. If not, then it definitely should be.

Some casinos even go a step further offering a rule known as en prison with European roulette. This even further decreases the house’s odds to 1.35%. Applying to even money bets, the en prison rule can help you have one more chance to win.

For instance, imagine you have a bet of £10 on red and the ball instead lands on zero or bingo games no card details required. Your bet would not win but instead be “imprisoned” for one additional spin. This provides players with another chance to win. If the next time the ball does land on a red space, then the original wager would be returned to the player. Should another 0 be spun, the bet would still be locked. Another spin of the roulette wheel would then occur, until a result other than 0 occurs on the wheel.

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