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Hark the Nordic Sirens of Hypnotic Cinema

Göteborg Film Festival promises a genre-breaking crossover of vision and transcendence. ...

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Barbican Announce Cinema On Demand

The Barbican's first ever streaming service builds on the current digital content programme from the centre's cinema, creative learning, gallery, music and theatre curatorial teams....

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Provoking Delicate Social Order: Under the Tree

A deliciously dark satire that examines the fragile nature of civility in a suburban setting, where it takes very little to provoke the collapse of social order....

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Feminism and the Virgin Whore: Antiporno

Fiercely lurid and often surreal, Sion Sono's tribute to Japan's Roman Porno is a whirlwind trip into sexual dichotomy....

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The Horror of Domestic Abuse: Custody

Powerful in its neorealism and examination of an abusive relationship, Custody is an impressive feature debut that demands to be seen....

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Justice Is A Fallacy: The Third Murder

As an exercise in philosophical musings on the nature of true justice, The Third Murder challenges the viewer with a compelling ambiguity....

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Anatomies of Society: Yi Yi

Widely regarded as one of the 21st century’s greatest films, Edward Yang’s multi-award-winning Yi Yi is a beautiful portrait of family life across three generations....

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