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Major Eileen Agar Survey Announced for February 2021

Angel of Anarchy is the largest exhibition of Agar’s work to date, and celebrates the crucial role the artist played within the development of European 20th century culture....

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Whitechapel Gallery Launches Artists’ Film International Programme

Language is the common theme for this year's AFI programme, with every artist's film using language to intensify place. ...

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Something Nasty Trickles Down: Benedict Drew (Whitechapel Gallery)

Exploring exactly what is falling from above in the trickle-down economy...

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A Handful of Dust (Whitechapel Gallery)

All we are is dust in the wind. Whitechapel Gallery retread the inestimable wisdom of Kansas (and T.S. Eliot)...

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Viewing the Inner Billygoat: Self-Portraiture at Whitechapel Gallery

Portraiture becomes an extension of the artist in search of deeper answers, at Whitechapel Gallery...

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