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Desperately Seeking The Miraculous

Clad in black, with a grave yard bottle of Cherry B. Eyeliner tears streaked our faces as we listened to 'What Difference Does It Make'. Do you remember? Desperate Journalist takes us back there....

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Making music: a Taxing process?

Blues and Rock-influenced unit Tax The Heat drop in to discuss new album 'Change Your Position'...

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Dead Reflections, Live Context (Silverstein Interview)

A cosy chat with Silverstein singer Shane Told...

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Meshuggah European Tour 2016

Extreme tech-metal messiahs Meshuggah announce Winter 2016 European Tour...

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Dark Devotion: Michael Gira Solo Tour

Michael Gira London performance at the Barbican on 30 March 2016, followed by European tour...

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Calling Dirtbags! Wheatus UK Tour (Playing Debut Album in Full)

At least one band from before the days of iTunes & Spotify have found a way forward. Wheatus tour....

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Heavy, indulgently vulgar and bro-ho as Spring break in Cancun

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”’Even/dropcap if you pretend to hate our music, you will love this album. It will be your guilty pleasure.’ – Fronz,...

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Queens of the Stone Age – New Show

The High Lords of Loud Sell out Wembley Arena - so more shows for us! New added show 23rd November 2013...

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