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Terrorism Fears Curbing Children’s Cultural Visits

London galleries in particular were hit hard last year, as schoolchildren admissions fell for the fourth consecutive year....

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What Do You Think Of My Sparkly Gun?

Cut from unprecedented access to 500 hours of jihadi footage, extraordinary documentary Path of Blood is a startling, powerful experience....

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Shared Pain, Shared Gain: The Science of Sacrifice

Power of shared pain triggers extreme self-sacrifice ...

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Sugar, Spice and Shrapnel. How Female Terrorists Control Extreme Networks

Study reveals that although women remain under the radar in terrorist organizations, they hold the networks together...

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Weapon Wielding White Males and Imperial Warmongers

Homegrown terrorists perpetrate rampage after rampage. And yet again: Mainstream pundits ask why...

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The stuff of life (The Eagles of Death Metal)

A review of the Eagles of Death Metal 5th November 2015 The Forum, Kentish Town. ...

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Attack, Retaliate, Attack. When Will it End?

If their designs work out as planned, the elite will, as they always have, enrich their already engorged fortunes on the suffering and death of the powerless....

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A Human Instinct for War? Sociologist Hugh Gusterson Explains

Terrorism is a tactic. You usually fight war against a constituent. It’s hard to fight a war against a tactic. - Interview with Hugh Gusterson, sociologist ...

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Woolwich and Terror

Did you notice how all terrorists used to be Irish? And suddenly, they are all Muslims? Well, they’re not. But if the media agenda is Irish Terror, or Muslim Terror, then it can start to look...

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New Bomb Detection Technique Discovered

Explosive breakthrough in research on molecular recognition as researchers discover new bomb detection technique....

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