Spin Electronics

Spin electronics could have important implications for future electronic devices and the transfer of information at the quantum level....

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Stretchy Battery Completed

Work completed on a rechargeable stretchy battery that can twist and bend -- and return to normal shape...

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GPS improved by 90%

Researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed a new system which improves the ability of a GPS to determine a vehicle's position as compared to that of conventional GPS devices by up...

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Bioelectric signals can be used to detect early cancer

Biologists at Tufts University School of Arts and Sciences have discovered that bioelectric signals that can identify cells that are likely to develop into tumors....

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How to predict the future of technology?

The paper offers a new model, Step and Wait (SAW), which more accurately tracks the path of technological evolution in six markets that the authors tested. ...

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Finding Chicago’s food gardens with Google Earth

Urban agriculture is promoted as a strategy for dealing with food insecurity, stimulating economic development, and combating diet-related health problems in cities....

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The Free Music Mirage

Putting an End to a Persistent Illusion Steadily, over the course of the last 10 years, the idea that recorded music "has" to be free has been transformed from a radical stance taken by...

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Soft Generators: Goodbye Batteries of Old

One revolutionary concept being pursued by a team of researchers in New Zealand involves creating "wearable energy harvesters" capable of converting movement from humans or found in nature into...

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