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Dreamstates and Mystery

Markus Åkesson: Finding what is hidden. New Realism and Painting...

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This our profession now: Truckfighters (Interview)

Many drummers, not so much partying, but plenty of fuzzy heads - Truckfighters...

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Swedish Heavy Metal Monday Mashup

HammerFall and Civil War prove there's more sludgy grind to Sweden than Ikea's meatballs...

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Don’t Eat the Meatballs? The Real Message of Sweden’s Rök Runestone

New interpretation of the Rök runestone inscription changes view of Viking Age ...

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Nordic Death By Triple Guitar (In Mourning)

Swedish triple-guitar death metal troupe In Mourning get melodic on Afterglow....

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Pounding the Damnation Hammer (At The Gates)

Interview with Martin Larsson: guitarist with Legendary Gothenburg Death Metal band At The Gates. ...

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Lingua – All My Rivals Are Imaginary Ghosts

Aural Music (2010) Mixing the harder edge of Indie guitar with the soaring vocals of mid-era Depeche Mode Swedish rockers Lingua have taken the scrawled melodic postcard of At The Drive-in and kept...

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I’m From Barcelona – Let Me Introduce My Friends (2006) – EMI

This is possibly the catchiest record ever released. If you are anything like me that may sound like a turn off, but bear with me. Now usually an album of such infectious pop-indie songs would have...

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