Tag: Stuart Semple

Seismic Art: Visions of Science

A preview of Seismic: Art Meets Science at Giant...

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Forever Changed: Various Giant Artists

FOREVER: CHANGED comments directly on how mass media, culture and production had previously been held at a critical distance....

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Expensive Materials

To what extent do materials dictate the end price of the artwork?...

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Stuart Semple Wages War Against Inktober Creator With #Pinktober

The boycott event is in response to Jake Parker trademarking the term Inktober, and aims to give artists a platform to celebrate their creativity with no restrictions....

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Not Painless. Stuart Semple’s ‘My Sonic Youth’ Addresses Male Suicide

If you're male and under 45, suicide is your most likely cause of death. Stuart Semple's recent project My Sonic Youth addresses the issue....

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