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Thundering Underdogs and Bubblegum Cool (Skyforger Interview)

When we write our songs, we don’t really care if the riff is heavy metal, thrash or death or black metal or whatever, we just care if it sounds good. Skyforger interview...

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Jam in the middle of Wasp Season. Live Metal [Skyforger]

Meanwhile, the other venue in the side street had a light tank parked outside it. This was the metaller equivalent of a large open jar of jam in the middle of Wasp Season....

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Pre Election Metal Meanderings [Arcturus] [Skyforger] [Plage]

What more could you want from a black metal album? Arson? Murder? Goat-shagging???...

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A folksy bagpipe-led interlude unexpectedly sweeps in [Skyforger]

Their use of a jaw harp is perhaps unique in metal....

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