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The Hat Man and The Korg

Saturday night music at the Lansdowne pub in Lewes, church of the unchurched, and my (low) expectations are scattered to the four winds by the performance of Robert Lashmar AKA Rhythmic/AKA The Hat...

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Dead Reflections, Live Context (Silverstein Interview)

A cosy chat with Silverstein singer Shane Told...

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Loitered Lens : Katey Brooks

Bluesy, country, folky, jazzy, Katey Brooks sure as hell mopped the floor with the depth of her vocal talent and her guitar sang out just as effortlessly smooth and celestial as she did....

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Hannah Cohen: Child Bride

Hannah Cohen’s debut album Child Bride seems a fitting April/May release for those of us that are struggling through transition of the awkward weather and mishaps of general life, but should you...

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